Jomon Stretch

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Transmitting Jomon Spirit to the World (4th Saturday every month)

Experience of Jomon Stretch

Jomon Philosophy is universal. To date, Taro Okamoto and Sakon So contributed significantly to rediscover the Jomon Civilization.
Jomon People had 1. sophisticated techniques, 2. peaceful philosophy, 3. international cooperation, 4. natural life style.
«Jomon Stretch»
We revive the above 4 themes contemporarily, and transmit our message to the world. Instruction and training of "Crystal Jomon" percussions worked out from studying Jomon Philosophy. The twisting and bending of Jomon Stretch shall liberate our bodies by excreting blocking and stiffness.
This is collaborative work of Kazuko Kuratomi's Jomon Stretch and Yukari Hagita's Crystal Bowl Jomon Percussions.

«Crystal Bowls»
Our body is a musical instrument. Our body is distorted by our daily habit and unpleasant emotions. Our life is very stressful. Some stresses could be stimulative, but too much stresses should damage our body and soul. Distorted body causes psychological strain.
In this workshop, Jomon Stretch shall be implemented with your body hearing vibration of crystal bowls. It is stretching in the vibration and resonance of Crystal Bowls. The vibration of Crystal Bowls detoxicates your body and clarify your consciousness unimaginably. Stretching poses in meditation allows smooth concentation of consciousness, which doubly increases the healing effect. 7 notes of Crystal Bowls reach respectively to inward organs as well as bones to activate them. You will feel good and no more worry. Please try.

Feburary session
22nd (Sat) 1:00p.m.-3:00p.m.
Instructor: Kazuko Kuratomi
Fee: 3,000yen
Class location: Kudan Nakasaka Bldg 1-13-1 Kudan kita Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Tel: 070-5375-1344

Voice of attendee

When I wake up in the morning, my face seemed smaller and I didn't have neck pain.
Inflammatory of mammary gland disappeared.
My backacke is gone.