Jomon Stretch

Training Course for Instructors

Jomon Stretch Training course for Instructors 12h. (3 sessions)

Location: Kudan Shigaku Dojo [Access]

Instructor: Kazuko Kuratomi

Fee: 70,000 (Includes certificate) Contact: Inquiry form

1th sessionin preparation
2nd sessionin preparation
3rd sessionin preparation

There are 3 steps in Instructors Training Course: Primary, Intermediate and Advanced. After completion of all three steps, a certificate should be given which allows to organize Jomon Stretch Classes as a Jomon Stretch instructor.
Hours: 32 hours (8 sessions) course
Instructor: Kazuko Kuratomi

Primary (1st and 2nd Sessions)

Mastering basic poses such as Bon Stretch, Reassured Pose and Fetus Pose

Intermediate (3 - 5 Sessions)

Mastering A. to E. Poses.

Effects of A -E Poses:
Bending ankles and knees without movement, then one can achieve natural stretch. Muscle training strengthens only particular muscles and makes them rigid and frangible. Skeletons must be flexible against fractuation, therefore it should be whole body movement with one's gravity center located at one's ankles, which constitute one's base.

Advanced (6 - 8 Sessions)

Mastering Animal Pose, Frog Pose, Fish Pose and Touching Stretch (in pair)