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3 Basic Varied Poses in Jomon Stretch

Bon stretch (Standing)
Bon stretch is a systematized simple movement of Bon-Festival dance.
People dance Bon dance with inner thigh. Inner thigh movement twist pelvic bone and improve overall blood circulation.
These movements alleviate fatigue in shoulder, neck, waist and ankle, caused by computer work. As it ameliorate blood circulation of whole body, it is recommendable for those who want to shape-up.
1. Put your right ankle crossed with your left ankle. Your left hand should be suppored by a wall. When two legs become one, your hip joint is stabilized as if they consist of fish tail.
2. Your right hand should be extended obliquely upward as if it is pointing the Moon.
3. Then your hip should be bowed toward right side.
4. Bow your hip toward left side.
5. Bow your body backward putting your right hand at your hip.
6. Finally bend your body down forward, poking your hip backward and haning your right hand loosely.
7. Streching toward east, west, north and south.
8. Take about two minutes for each movement with meditation.

Reassured Pose (Sitting)
1. Be seated on your knees.
2. Cross your arms with your palms on the shoulders of opposite side.
3. Erect your hip bone.
By bending your hands, muscles are relaxed and you lose tension. This is very simple, but with this movement your heart and lungs are relaxed. It is also effective for stomach pain and for autonomic nerve imbalance. It is exactly "reassured pose" as named.
[Effects] Bronchi, Lungs, Heart, Kidney, Genitals

Fetus Pose (Lying Down)
Practice with envisaging a baby fetus in mother's uterus.
1. Lie down on the floor with your right side of body. If your neck is hard, put a cushion under your head.
2. Taking the reassured pose, match your inner thighs each other, sit on your knees, lie down and curl up.
3. Put up your thighs and stick them together with ventor. Pressurized ventroptosis are raised and your body becomes warmer.
4. Do the same process with your left side of body on the floor.
[Effects] Blood circulation in whole body should be ameliorated. You become full of energy and courageous.

Other poses for ameliorating various disease

Frog pose
Frog Pose
1. Your hands should be put asideof your body and be relaxed.
2. Open your hip joint, match the soles of legs opening the both ankles like a frog.
3. Meridians for Liver, Spleen and Kidney which are located inner thigh of left leg, should be pressurized by right foot. Then the same pressurization using left foot for right inner thigh.
[Effects] Back problem, Gynecology, Myoma, Liver, Spllen, Kidney, Atocia

Connecting the Sky with the Earth
Connecting the Sky with the Earth
Right hand corresponds to left hemisphere of neocortex, and left hand to that of right.
By twisting the both hands, coordinate the balance between left and right hemisphere.
This pose uncharge the blood in the head as well as egest waste materials.
1. Tuck the fifth toe of right foot by left foot thumb and second toe. Foot thumb strengthen liver and the fifth kidney.
2. Intersect the both hands, and put it at Hyakue-meridian located at the top of head.

Animal Pose
Animal Pose
Make your forehead touching the floor, and erect your coccygeal bone upright is the animals' stretch. It reminds us of wild animals instinct. Erect your spine and stimulate your spine with the memory of before erect bipetalism. It is effective for hay fever.
1. Lay on your stomach and take animal pose.
2. Cross your right and left hands and put them at your forehead.
3. Stretch with straigntened spine and erect your coccygeal bone toward the sky.

Sideway Pose
Sideway Pose
1. Lie down with your right side touching the floor, and put your right hand up.
2. Make a fist with your left hand and put it under right underarm
3. Cross your legs and curl up like fetus.
[Effects] Lump at underarm should be a sympton of breast cancer. This is effective for stiff shoulder and frozen shoulder. It activates the movements of blade bone. Please avoid oily food.

Fish Pose
Fish Pose
1. Lie on your back.
2. Cross your left leg with your right leg.
3. Straighten your both hands and put them under coccygeal bone.
[Effects] In the evolution process, humans were once fish. This pose corrects the distortion between right and left. Left-Right imbalance caused by whiplash should be corrected in order to prevent serious disease afterwards. This pose is also for spine correction.

Stomach Pose
Stomach Pose
1. Lie sideways
2. Cross right-left legs
3. Cross right-left hands and put them near umbilicus.
Please do for both side.
[Effects] Congestion and gases in liver and intestine should be discharged. Digestive organs should be activated.


Photos in the classroom

Photos in the classroomPhotos in the classroom